Why invest in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
Diarrhoeal diseases result in an estimated 1.8 million deaths each year (WHO 2005). Among children younger than five years of age diarrhoea accounts for 17% of all deaths ( United Nations 2005). Poor sanitation specifically lack of access to safe toilet impacts on health in three ways;

A) Premature mortality, that is lives of children lost due to diarrhoeal and related diseases;
B) Cost of health care ie cost of treatment during episodes of illness which are the result of poor sanitation;
C) Productivity losses ie, productive time lost when people fall ill or care-givers look after the sick family members.
Water and Sanitation Program (WSP) of the World Bank has estimated the total annual economic impact of inadequate sanitation in India in 2006 at staggering Rs.2.4 trillion (53.8 billion dollars). This economic impact is equivalent about 6.4% India GDP for the reference year (2006). Almost 594 million people defecate open in rural India. If rural India is to be completely free from open defecation, 90 million toilets need to be built over period of four years.

YouthAid as Sanitation Solution Provider
Various studies prove that there are 4 major challenges in addressing the issue of sanitation in the country

  • Behaviour change among the people.
  • Quality Construction and appropriate technological options
  • In adequate Supply Chain, including low capacity of masons
  • Solid and Liquid Waste Management
YouthAid intends to work on all these 4 areas to ensure sustainable sanitation solution to open defecation free country.

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